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Sea Tow Foundation EPIRB / PLB Beacon Rental Program

Being prepared for the “unexpected” is big part of boating safety. Take along some peace of mind on your next water adventure: fishing trip, paddle sports, weekend getaway, up the coast, on the lake, or out to sea and pack an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).


Use EPIRBs and PLBs to alert search-and-rescue services in the event of an emergency by transmitting a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue coordination center.


When you need it most, search-and-rescue organizations instruct that beacons are satellite signaling devices of last resort, for use when all other means of self-rescue have been exhausted, where the situation is grave with imminent danger and bodily harm or valuable property will occur without assistance.

For your convenience Sea Tow Foundation offers both EPIRBs and PLBs for rent. Which one to choose?

An EPIRB is registered to a vessel, is larger, designed to be mounted on the boat or as a part of your ditch bag, and will transmit the distress message longer than a PLB.

A PLB is registered to a person, is smaller, and intended to be worn or carried.


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Rent an EPIRB or PLB Today – It’s easy!

  1. Click “Rent Beacon Now” button, select the beacon you want, then fill in rental form.
  2. Sea Tow Foundation contacts you directly to review details
  3. You receive the beacon
  4. Go Boating!

Rent Beacon Now



  • Plan ahead and reserve your beacon two or more weeks before you need it.
  • Save the shipping box the beacon arrives in to return it when you are done.



  • Beacons rent for one week or more
  • EPIRB rent for $65 a week + shipping
  • PLB rent for $45 a week + shipping
  • Beacons ship to you from Southold, New York using UPS 3-day Parcel Select and include a return shipping label. 1 and 2-day shipping to you available for an additional cost during check out.
  • Late returns will be charged one week rental fee starting two weekdays past rental end date.
  • No returns will be charged full value of unit replacement cost starting three weekdays past rental end date.
  • Extension requests during voyage may incur late fees.
  • Damage to unit, aside from use, will be charged accordingly.
  • The use of beacons for this program are intended for recreational marine use rather than camping, general aviation, hiking, skiing, or use aboard commercial vessels.

Thank You for Supporting This Program!

Thank you for supporting The Sea Tow Foundation Beacon Rental Program. Our EPIRB and PLB Rental Program was made possible from a generous donation from ACR Electronics. Funds raised by this program are used to grow all Sea Tow Foundation programs including: Beacon Rental Program, Designated Sober Skipper Campaign, and Life Jacket Loaner Program.


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