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Know the Tides

Get tide forecasts, moon phases, & next tide countdown in both analog and graph format for as many locations as you would like. Let the Sea Tow App serve as your annual tide chart, forecasting tides one week in advance. Access up to 20 tide stations for each area to give you the best information that will make your trip on the water a success.

Check the Forecast

Detailed weather report available including wind/gust speed & direction. Plus water temp, wave height, visibility, barometric pressure, detailed marine forecast, UV index, humidity, sunrise/sunset times and much, much more. Seven day forecast available for as many locations as you wish to add. Also receive weather alerts for your area.

Get your Bearings

Direction and location are no longer an issue. With the compass and speedometer functions, get your heading, lat/long, speed over ground and course over ground. Pinpoint your precise location on a map. Designed for inland and coastal use, the single map interface gives you access to the tools you need to enjoy your day on the water.

Help is on the way.

Have peace of mind knowing you can contact Sea Tow for on-water assistance through this App, in addition to your VHF Radio. Just click to call no matter what screen you’re on to contact Sea Tow’s 24-hour Dispatch Center. Captains are standing by, ready to help. The App is designed to forward your contact and location information to our Dispatch Center so we’ll know your location, even if you don’t.

Keep Your Night Vision Sharp

The Sea Tow App is designed to automatically change background color with the time of day so that it won’t disrupt your night vision.